Switching controller / repeater

  • Increased signal level
  • Possibility of network coordinator function with connection to KS-02 on RS-485
  • RS-485
    PLC / RF
  • Protection level IP 54
Switching controller / repeater


A simplified version of the controller helps meters create PLC networks due to increased levels of data transmission.

Also, the devices can be used as network coordinators with a connection to the KS-02 via the RS-485 interface.



КК-01-10 КК-01-10 R КК-03-10 BAND 1 КК-03-10 BAND 2
Type PLC: DCSK + +
Type PLC: G3-PLC (OFDM PHY) + +
The function of the device coordinator repeater coordinator / repeater in 1 frequency range coordinator / repeater in 2 frequency range


Nominal voltage 220 V
Operating voltage range 143 ... 253 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption, no more 20 W
Radio module frequency 2,4 GHz
Operating temperature -40 ... +70 °C
Weight, no more 1 kg
Modem PLC operating frequency band 65 - 95 кHz
Modem PLC output signal level, (maximum) 130 dBmcV
Modulation type of PLC modem output signal DCSK or OFDM PHY
Nominal output voltage of the internal power supply 5 V
Maximum load current of the internal power supply 0,2 А

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