Controller of data collection from metering devices

  • Recording of two-sectional substations due to double power supply and two PLC interfaces
  • Linux
  • Plug & play
  • RS-485 / Ethernet / USB
    PLC / RF / GPRS / 3G
  • External memory card
  • I / O module
  • Battery
  • External antenna
Controller of data collection from metering devices


КС – industrial controllers, the main task is to communicate with metering devices, receive, store and transmit data from them.

PLC modules of various standards, radio modules, RS-485 interfaces are used for data collection.

The top-level uses a mobile or Ethernet channel.

The Linux operating system greatly simplifies software updates and additional features.

A special module of information input / output provides the possibility of implementing some SCADA functions.

Compatibility with various meters



Volume / type of non-volatile memory 512 МБ / ONFI NAND
The amount of RAM 512 МБ
Processor ARM Corteх-A5
CPU frequency 536 МHz
Radio module frequency 2,4 GHz
Output power of the radio module 17 dBm
GSM 900/1800/1900/2100 МHz
Communication class B
Communication by standard GSM / GPRSUMTS/HSPA Class 4 (2 W for EGSM900) Class 1 (1 W for DCS1800) Class 4 (0,13 W for WCDMA)
Nominal voltage 3х230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
Operating voltage range single-phase or three-phase 143 ... 275 V
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption, no more than 20 W
Temperature range: work storage -25 … +70 °C -45 … +80 °C
Relative humidity at a temperature of + 30 ° C, no more 95%
Weight, no more 2 kg

Table of construction types

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