Field detector DEF-01

  • Reacts to a constant magnetic field, HF electromagnetic field, interference from periodic discharges
  • Compatible with all electricity meters
  • Installation on a DIN-rail together with the metering device
Детектор поля DEF-01


DEF-01 – simple and reliable protection against theft of electricity by remote exposure to the meter with electromagnetic waves.

The principle of operation is to determine the fact of impact on the device and issue a command to disconnect consumer from the network.

The trip command is sent to the circuit breaker release or contactor.

Thus the device prevents consumption of the electric power in case of impact on the meter.




Rated supply voltage 220 V
Operating range of supply voltages 140 ... 280 V
Consumption, no more than 10 W
Operating temperature -35 ... +70 °С
Number of contact pairs 1 НР
Switched output parameters 220 V, 3 А
Detection of electromagnetic field 80 ... 2000 MHz from 10 V/m
Magnetic field detection from 100 mT
Detection of spark discharges more often than 1 imp/sec

Wiring diagram

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