NIK 2301

Electromechanical three-phase meter

  • Increased protection against the effects of magnetic and electromagnetic fields
  • Indication of phases
  • Protection against theft: indication of incorrect connection, indication of increased and decreased phase voltages, magnetic field sensor
  • Active energy
  • Transparent case
Meter type


Number of phases


Active / reactive energy:


Accuracy class of active energy measurement:


Fraud protection

Electromagnetic field indication, Indication of pulse modulation, Indication of the magnetic field


Indication of incorrect connections, Indication of phases

Design features

One-piece case, Split case, Transparent case, Transparent terminal cover



Electromechanical three-phase meter


Accuracy class for measuring of active energy:
EN 62053-21 1
Nominal voltage 3х220/380 V
3х230/400 V
3х240/416 V
3х57,7/100 V (for transformer connection)
3 х 127 / 220 V
Operation voltage range -20 … +15 %
Nominal frequency 50 Гц
Nominal current 5 А
Maximum current 10 A; 60 A; 120 A
Meter constant 8000 imp / (kW * h)
Starting current:
for direct connection 12,5 mА
for transformer connection 10,0 mА
Power consumption, no more:
in voltage circuits 10 V•A (2 W)
in current circuits 0,05 V•A
Protection level ІР 54
Operating temperature -40 … +70 °C
Weight, no more 1 kg
Number of digits on LCD 6 + 1
Service life 24 years



Table of construction types

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