Communication module

  • Designed for data transfer between GPRS and RS-485 interface
  • PPP protocol
  • Simple SIM card replacement
  • USB connector
  • Remote control
  • Output 5V (300 mA) for outer devices
  • Galvanically isolated discrete input, output
  • DIN rail mounting
Communication module


Designed for data transfer between GPRS and RS-485 interface


  • Network
  • RS-485 communication
  • Power



GSM / GPRS operating bands 900/1800 MHz
GPRS communication class V
Compliance with GSM classes Class 4 (2 W при EGSM900) Class 1 (1 W при DSC1800)
Range of supply voltages from the AC network 220 V
Power consumption from AC network 12 V
Operating voltage range when supplied from the DC network 7 ... 15 V
Power consumption from DC network, no more than 5 W
Output settings for powering external devices 5 В, 300 mА
Maximum voltage and input current of passive discrete input 15 В, 15 mА
Maximum voltage and output current of the discrete output with open collector 15 В, 100 mА
Operating temperature -40 ... +70 °C
Weight, no more 0,5 kg

Table of construction types

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