Optical head

  • USB-роз'єм
  • Драйвер, сумістний з Windows
Оптична головка OP-03


The NIK optical head is a two-way interface for data exchange between the tariff device and the meter using infrared waves

Compliance with the standard IEC 62056-21 and can be used with any meter that meets this standard

USB connector for connection to a computer or laptop

Compatible with modern operating systems



Power supply USB interface
Voltage 5±0,25 V
Maximum amperage 64 mА
Current (transmission) about 20 mА
Data transfer rate 300 - 19200 baud
Mode of operation with parity control
and without it 5, 6, 7, 8 bit
FIFO buffer depth 16 bytes
Operating temperature - 30 ... + 55 °С
Dimensions (Ø х Н) 32 х 29 mm
Cable length 3 m
Weight without cable, no more than 80 g

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