NIK 2106

Single-phase meter

  • Pre-payment functions according to sts iec 62055-41
  • Active and reactive energy
  • Instantaneous measurements of power, voltage, amperage
  • DLMS
  • STS
  • 4 tariffs / 12 zones
  • Two measuring elements
  • Modern communication interfaces
  • Keypad
  • Data protection by encryption
  • Remote firmware update
  • Voltage quality control
  • Optical port
  • Disconnector
  • Tamper sensor for the case and terminal cover
  • The sensor of the influence of magnetic fields
  • Transparent case
  • Battery mode
  • Enclosure DIN rail mounting (option)
Meter type

Electronic, Electronic

Number of phases

Single-phase, Single-phase

Active / reactive energy:


Accuracy class of active energy measurement:

1, 1

Fraud protection

Indication of the magnetic field, Mechanical intervention sensors, Mechanical intervention sensors, Indication of the magnetic field


Optical port, RS-485, RS-485, Optical port


Tariff, Tariff

Prepayment function

There is prepayment function, There is prepayment function


Data protection by encryption, DLMS, DLMS, Load disconnection relay, Remote firmware change, Voltage quality control, Remote firmware change, Data protection by encryption, Voltage quality control, Load disconnection relay

Reserve power supply

Battery mode, Battery mode

Design features

Keyboard, Non-transparent body, One-piece case, Split case, Transparent case, Transparent terminal cover, Keyboard, Non-transparent body, One-piece case, Transparent terminal cover, Transparent case, Split case

Quantity of measuring elements

2, 2

Single-phase meter


Accuracy class for measuring of active energy:
EN 62053-21 1
Accuracy class for measuring of reactive energy:
EN 62053-23 2
Nominal voltage 220 V; 230 V; 240 V
Operation voltage range -20 … +15%
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Nominal current 5 А
Maximum current 100 А
Meter constant 6400 imp / (kW*h)
Starting current for measuring of active energy 12,5 mА
Starting current for measuring of reactive energy 15,6 mА
Placement capacity, no more than:
in voltage circuits without PLC interface 10 V•A (2 W)
in voltage circuits with PLC interface 20 V•A (5 W)
in current circuits 0,2 V•A
Operating temperature -40 … +70 °C
Weight, no more than 0,6 kg
Number of digits on LCD 6 + 2
Battery lifetime 16 years
Service life 30 years


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