Low-voltage switchboards

  • Requests for theft of electricity
  • Protection against mechanical damage
  • Protection against dust, precipitation, ІР 54
  • Fire-resistant material
  • Receiving data from the meter through the overview window
    Window made of UV-stabilized plastic, which retains transparency for a long time
  • Universal fastenings for installation of the meter on three screws + DIN rail
  • Possibility of sealing
Low-voltage switchboards


Low-voltage switchboards are designed for outdoor installation of single-phase and three-phase AC meters with voltage up to 380 V, to protect appliances from mechanical damage, prevent theft of electricity, protect meters from dust and precipitation.

The case is made of ignition-resistant material. The design of the case allows reading data from the meter through a viewing window, without opening covers. The material of the window is UV-stabilized plastic, which does not lose its transparency over time.

The panels have universal mounts for mounting the meter on a DIN rail, as well as for mounting and strengthening other equipment inside the panel (circuit breakers, corrugated tubes, and cables). It is also possible to seal the case.

The degree of protection of SHRN corresponds to IP 54

Design ЩРН-01-4 ЩРН-03-2
Type of installed meter single phase three-phase
Maximum number of meters installed in one box 4 2
Maximum number of circuit breakers: Single-pole Three-pole 8 - 2 2
Case thickness 2,5 mm
The thickness of the material of the viewing window  3 mm
Operating temperature range `-40 °С... +70 °С
Level of electrical insulation  4 кВ
The maximum number of holes to remove the corrugated pipe 22
Service life  25 year
Warranty period 3 year
Weight no more, then 2 kg
Dimensions 615 х 580 х 114 mm

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