• A comprehensive solution for the organization of data collection from meters by PLC technology focused on two-transformer substations.

The ASKOE PLC cabinet includes:

circuit breakers for two three-phase power inputs
power supply with automatic switching of power input
processor module
backup power system
communication interfaces: radio module, RS-485, PLC, GPRS, Ethernet, digital outputs, USB, relay outputs

Specifications CPU architecture - ARM, Cortex A5 The frequency of the central processor is 536 MHz The size of the built-in memory is 512 MB Built-in memory type - ONFI SLC NAND FLASH The size of RAM is 512 MB RAM type - DDR2 The type of media for external memory is SD-card The maximum size of external memory is 16 GB Power supply type - three-phase four-wire Number of power inputs - 1 or 2 The built-in input switching system Backup power supply for the processor module Rated supply voltage - 230 V Nominal frequency of the power supply network - 50 Hz Supply voltage range - 143 - 275 V. Power consumption - no more than 30 watts Degree of protection - IP54 Operating temperature range from -40 ° C to +70 ° C Weight - no more than 6 kg


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