NIK 5500

Membrane gas meter

  • The paint and varnish covering of the case is put in an electrostatic field and provide a high level of resistance to the influence of aggressive factors of the external environment;
  • Wide temperature range -30 °С ... +50 °С
Membrane gas meter


The self-cleaning mechanism with a two-spool control system of measuring chambers ensures the stability of metrological characteristics during operation on gas with a high level of oil-paraffin fractions

Protected magnetic coupling for transmission of rotation from the measuring unit to the reading device increases the safety of the meter

The connection of the upper and lower parts of the meter is made with a removable bandage, which facilitates the process of disassembling the meter housing if necessary

Reduced time of control of metrological characteristics of the meter, especially at the minimum volume costs, is achieved by high repeatability of the results of volume measurement through the use of special movable connecting rods with a curved shape of the working part

High-quality grinding of spool pair elements provides a low sensitivity threshold for all sizes



Design A1
The standard size of the meter G1,6 G2,5 G4
Nominal volume flow, m3 / h 1,6 2,5 4
Maximum volume consumption, m3 / h 2,5 4 6
Minimum volume consumption, m3 / h 0,016 0,025 0,04
Design A2
The standard size of the meter G1,6 G1,6/G2,5  G2,5  G1,6/G4 G2,5/G4 G4
Nominal volume flow, m3 / h 1,6 2,5 2,5 4 4 4
Maximum volume consumption, m3 / h 2,5 4 4 6 6 6
Minimum volume consumption, m3 / h 0,016 0,016 0,025 0,016 0,025 0,04
Sensitivity threshold, no more, m3 / h 0,003
limit of error in volume flow intervals,% qvmin≤qv<0,1 qvmax ± 3
0,1 qvmax≤qv≤qvmax ± 1,5
Maximum working pressure, kPa 50
Pressure drop, no more, Pa:
   on the minimum amount of consumption 60
   on the maximum amount of consumption 200
The price of division of the smallest category, dm3 0,2
The capacity of the reading device, dm3 99999,999
Operating temperature range, ° C  -30 ... +50
Temperature compensation range (for version A1), ° C  -10 ... +40
Distance between axes of connecting unions, mm 110 or 130
Thread of fittings, inch ¾, 1 or 1 ¼
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 222 х 170 х 225
Weight, not more, kg 2,3
Service life, at least, years 20

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